Ask Me Anything (2014)

Ask Me Anything full movie NetflixAsk Me Anything Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Beautiful, wild, funny, and lost, Katie Kampenfelt takes a year off before college to find herself, all the while chronicling her adventures in an anonymous blog into which she pours her innermost secrets. Eventually, Katie’s fearless narrative begins to crack, and dark pieces of her past emerge.
> Haunted by the past, and so refusing to sail on. The most of the people does not aware of this movie’s existence. The only reason I went for it was Brittany Robertson. She’s been around, but for the first time I noticed her in a major role was in ‘The First Time’. Ever since I kind of liked her, so I had no reason to skip it despite whatever the response it got. Based on the book named ‘Undiscovered Gyrl’. After finish watching this I felt the original title should have been borrowed instead, because that seems veracious to the narration. …

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller.
Original Title: Ask Me Anything
Release Date: 19 Apr 2014
Language: English
Production: Decipher Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 100 min


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Cast: Britt Robertson (Katie Kampenfelt), Christian Slater (Paul Spooner), Justin Long (Dan Gallo), Martin Sheen (), Andy Buckley (Mark Aubichon), Cathryn de Prume (Carol), Max Carver (Rory), Beckett Gandolfi (Alt. Rory), Katarina Garcia (Merci Sanchez),

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