Boy & the World (2014)

Boy & the World full movie NetflixBoy & the World Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Enter the whimsy of a small child fascinated by all that the quiet countryside offers. His cozy life is shattered when his father leaves for the city, prompting the boy to embark on a quest to re-unite his family. What he is not prepared for is a new world of …

> We live gloriously, but we won’t let the world. The film was nominated at the 88th American Academy Awards for best animated feature and lost to ‘Inside Out’, but won one at Annie Awards out of three nominees. Originally from Brasil, a 80 minutes long, I mean short film, excluding the opening and end credits which makes it even shorter. The tale was told with the beautiful visuals and music, without any dialogues to reach the audience making no complication. Because it was not just an entertainer, but a message bearer. The animation type was simple, yet awesome. All the drawings …

Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family.
Original Title: O Menino e o Mundo
Release Date: 17 Jan 2014
Language: Português
Production: Filme de Papel
Country: Brazil
Runtime: 85 min

Cast: Vinicius Garcia (Kid (Voice)), Lu Horta (Mother (Voice)), Marco Aurélio Campos (Father (Voice)), Felipe Zilse (Young Boy (Voice)), Alê Abreu (Old Man (Voice)), Cassius Romero (Dog (Voice)), Nestor Chiesse (Colonel (Voice)), Alfredo Rollo (News Anchor (Voice)), Patrícia Pichamone (News Anchor (Voice)),

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