End Game (2006)

End Game full movie NetflixEnd Game Full Movie on Netflix HDR. A Secret Service agent and an investigative reporter try to find out who assassinated the US President. The film was originally intended for cinema, but ended up going directly to DVD.
An extremely implausible story, where nobody but his bodyguard and a reporter seem to be interested in the killing of the US President. Not even after the two have been violently attacked in the middle of the city, together with a police patrol car, does anyone show any interest in their story. The decision to take it directly to DVD was probably very wise, as the film critics would have killed it.

Genres: Action, Mystery, Thriller.
Original Title: End Game
Release Date: 22 Mar 2006
Language: English
Production: Nu Image Films
Country: Canada
Runtime: 93 min


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Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr. (Alex Thomas), Angie Harmon (Kate Crawford), James Woods (Vaughn Stevens), Patrick Fabian (Brian Martin), Peter Greene (Jack Baldwin), Jack Scalia (The President), Anne Archer (The First Lady), David Selby (Shakey Fuller), Burt Reynolds (General Montgomery),

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