Eşrefpaşalılar (2010)

Eşrefpaşalılar full movie NetflixEşrefpaşalılar Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Two friends originally from Izmir-Eşrefpaşa have settled in Istanbul… While Tayyar (Hüseyin Soysalan) has become a mafia leader based on his passion for power and ruling, Davut (Turgay Tanülkü) has been managing a café in his small neighbourhood. Both have loved the same woman, Madam Eleni (Sermin Hürmeriç). But she …

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Genres: Comedy, Drama,
Original Title: Eşrefpaşalılar
Release Date: 05 Mar 2010
Language: Türkçe
Country: Turkey
Runtime: 103 min


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Cast: Sinan Taymin Albayrak (Hodja), Turgay Tanülkü (Davut), Burak Tarık (Nusret), Hüseyin Soysalan (Tayyar), Şermin Hürmeriç (Madam), Deniz Özpınar (Duygu), (), (), (),

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