Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2015)

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter full movie NetflixKumiko, the Treasure Hunter Full Movie on Netflix HDR. In the massive city of Tokyo, Kumiko, a twenty-nine year old, lives in utter solitude. She works a dreadful, dead-end job under an awful boss, is intimidated by her well-off peers, and nagged incessantly by her overbearing mother who is exasperated by the fact that her daughter is not married …

> An innocent girl’s desperate adventure. The rumours always adds lots interesting stuffs than the actual news. Sometime we feel that should have been real, because of the sunning depth that even a real story can’t match. That’s why the false information spreads like a virus on the social media. This movie character was inspired by a real young woman from Japan, but not the real event. An urban legend surround her visit to Minnesota, United States, back in the 2001. I have seen many films of different versions of the same events or the persons, but I never heard of this …

Genres: Drama,
Original Title: Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
Release Date: 20 Feb 2015
Language: English
Production: Ad Hominem Enterprises
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 105 min


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Cast: Rinko Kikuchi (Kumiko), Nobuyuki Katsube (Sakagami), Shirley Venard (Older Woman), David Zellner (Policeman), Nathan Zellner (Robert), Kanako Higashi (Michi), Ichi Kyokaku (Library Security Guard), Ayaka Ohnishi (Chieko), Mayuko Kawakita (Ms. Kanazaki),

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