Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor: The Dark World full movie NetflixThor: The Dark World Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos… but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will …

There have been plenty of movies based on classical cartoon superheroes that have been poorly implemented and with a lousy story. Luckily this one is not one of those. This was really a very enjoyable movie and I liked this movie a lot better than the first Thor movie which I felt was mostly silly. This one has a story which was rather okay and held somewhat together. You have to remember that this is a comic book hero and the story is on that level of course. The special effects and the scenery is really nice as well. The views …

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
Original Title: Thor: The Dark World
Release Date: 29 Oct 2013
Language: English
Production: Marvel Studios
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 112 min


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Cast: Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Christopher Eccleston (Malekith), Jaimie Alexander (Sif), Zachary Levi (Fandral), Ray Stevenson (Volstagg), Tadanobu Asano (Hogun),

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